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Our History

The Canadian Pacific Railway CPR Station in the Goderich Harbour was built in 1907 at the terminus of the Guelph & Goderich Railroad.  The CPR ceased passenger service to Goderich in 1956 and freight service in 1988.  The 80 miles of rails were removed in the years following.  Eight of the original stations on the Guelph-Goderich Line remain, few remain in their original locations.

CPR Train Station
CPR Train Station

In 2013 after three months preparation this 400 ton, triple brick landmark was raised up and over a three day period was delivered safely to its present location.  Several hundred local residents and visitors witnessed its touchdown on August 1, 2013.  Restoration efforts began immediately and concluded June 26, 2015

Train station move
train station move

This project has been five years in the making and a true labour of love for us and all the capable local crafts people who played a role in restoring this magnificent structure.  We now begin our quest to provide food service worthy of its beautiful harbour location and historic architecture.  It will be a journey but we are committed to offering our customers a superior dining experience.

- The Marshall Family

Beach Street Station Owner
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